Same Crew New Ride
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Same Crew, New Ride

April 9, 2012
This is a printable version of NASA's "Same Crew, New Ride" poster depicting an artist's conception of NASA's Commercial Crew Program CCP. The poster features a NASA astronaut in the foreground with a vehicle launching toward the International Space Station in the background. CCP is investing in the aerospace industry and helping multiple companies design and develop crew transportation systems that could be capable of flying to the space station and other low Earth orbit destinations. The program is meant to accelerate a United States-led capability to the station where critical scientific work is being performed for use in applications here on Earth. CCP is expected to drive down the cost of space travel as well as open up space to more people than ever before by balancing industry’s own innovative capabilities with NASA's 50 years of human spaceflight experience. For more information, visit www.nasa.gov/commercialcrew. Poster designed by Kennedy Space Center Graphics Department/Greg Lee. Credit: NASA

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