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Visualized Turbulence (Image 1)

April 18, 2012
Entropy distribution in developing Mach 1 turbulence is visualized with a National Science Foundation (NSF)-sponsored system for interactive analysis and visual exploration of multi-terabyte data sets. This simulation with the PPM gas dynamics code produced just under two terabytes of data for analysis. The white regions in the image show where the earlier passage of strong shock fronts has heated the gas in this turbulent flow. This visualization system and simulation data was used to develop, test and validate theoretical models of turbulence for use in simulations in astrophysics, as well as other areas of science and engineering. The visualization was created at the Laboratory for Computational Science & Engineering (LCSE), a facility within the University of Minnesota's Digital Technology Center where innovative hardware and systems software solutions to problems in computational science and engineering can be tested and applied. Work in the LCSE has been supported by a series of NSF equipment grants (the most recent is CNS 07-08822). The visualization and data analysis leading to this image and the theoretical model of turbulence arising from it was carried out under support of an NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant as well. Credit: Paul Woodward, Laboratory for Computational Science and Engineering, University of Minnesota

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