Cardiac Balloon Catheter With ElectrodesSensors
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Cardiac Balloon Catheter With Electrodes/Sensors

May 1, 2012
This inflated catheter balloon with integrated active electronics and sensors was used in an animal model for measurement of electrocardiogram, temperature and contact, as well as for cardiac ablation therapy. Specialized mechanical designs enable multifunctional electronics that are not adversely affected by inflation/deflation of the balloon. Although still in development, the device could provide more sophisticated and efficient diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. John A. Rogers of the University of Illinois developed the meshwork of tiny sensor nodes that can be mounted on a conventional catheter balloon and measure electrical activity of the cardiac muscle, temperature, blood flow and pressure as the balloon presses against the tissue. [Research supported by National Science Foundation grant CMMI 03-28162.] (Date of Image: 2010) Credit: J. Rogers, University of Illinois

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