Saturns moon Phoebe
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Saturn's moon Phoebe

February 28, 2005

These two montages of images of Saturn's moon Phoebe, taken by Cassini in June 2004, show the names provisionally assigned to 24 craters on this Saturnian satellite by the International Astronomical Union.

The craters are named for the Argonauts, explorers of Greek mythology who sought the golden fleece. Argo was the name of their ship. The largest crater, approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles) across, is named after the leading Argonaut, Jason. Phoebe is an outer moon of Saturn and is 220 kilometers (136 miles) across.

The two-image montage displays mosaics made of individual, very high resolution images: 80 meters (260 feet) per pixel on the left; 200 meters (660 feet) per pixel on the right.

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