Coprates Chasma
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Coprates Chasma

May 31, 2012
This image shows several kilometers of topography exposed along the wallrock within Coprates Chasma. Higher topography is towards the bottom of the image while the floor of Coprates Chasma is visible at the top of the image.

There are patches of brighter materials exposed within the wallrock and along the chasma floor. The bright massive rocks exposed in the wallrock likely represent weathered rocks that have altered to this brighter material.

Lower down the wallrock and along the chasma floor, the brighter material appears layered and could represent sediments deposited within the chasma when water or ice may have existed here. The image also shows finer material composed of eroded wallrock and eolian debris that is mass wasting downslope.

Written by: Cathy Weitz

Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

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