Mouse Bone Cells Cultured on Nanofibers
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Mouse Bone Cells Cultured on Nanofibers

June 26, 2012
A fluorescent image of mouse bone cells cultured on nanofibers in which cells were stained red with blue nuclei. This research is being conducted by Hongjun Wang, a professor in the department of chemistry, chemical biology and biomedical engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, and collaborators. Wang's research team uses a combination of cells, engineering and materials methods, and suitable biochemical and physio-chemical factors to repair or replace portions of damaged tissues. As part of Wang's cortical bone tissue regeneration, which was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation (grant CBET 10-33742), biomimetic nanofibers will be used to formulate a cell-friendly environment for bone cells. To learn more about his research, see the Stevens Institute news story NSF Funds Innovative Approach to Biomimetic Nanofiber Bone Regeneration. (Date of Image: 2009) Credit: Hongjun Wang, Stevens Institute of Technology

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