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Geometry Playground Exhibit Image 3
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"Geometry Playground" Exhibit (Image 3)

June 26, 2012
"Geometron," a specially-commissioned artwork by John Edmark for the "Geometry Playground" exhibit at the Exploratorium. With "Geometron," the viewer looks into a tapered kaleidoscope to see a live video that creates a 120-sided shape and explore many symmetries within the image by moving glowing shapes in the cameras view. Developed by the San Francisco Exploratorium, "Geometry Playground" is a fully interactive exhibition that includes over twenty exhibits and specially commissioned artworks. With "Geometry Playground," visitors use their hands, their bodies and their minds to explore what for most has been only a textbook subject. The exhibition was funded by the National Science Foundation (grant DRL 06-10436) and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. Further information about the exhibit is available Here. (Date of Image: 2010) [Image 3 of 10 related images. See Image 4.] Credit: Photo by Jordan Stein