Impact Crater Bedrock
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Impact Crater Bedrock

October 7, 2012
This image covers most of an impact crater about 6 to 7 kilometers wide. Partway down from the crater rim is a prominent bright layer of bedrock.

The full-resolution color data shows three distinct bedrock colors: yellow, light blue-green, and dark blue (in enhanced infrared colors). (North is down in the cutout, so the crater rim is near the top, which helps my brain to interpret the geometry.) These layers must correspond to different types of rock that were deposited as nearly flat-lying sheets, perhaps a combination of lava flows and sediments.

The relatively blue colors in HiRISE infrared color often correspond to minerals like olivine and pyroxene that are common in lava.

Written by: Alfred McEwen

Credits: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

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