Western Australia
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Western Australia

March 7, 2005
The northwestern coast of Western Australia glows with a turquoise halo of sediment and possibly marine organisms against the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean. Eighty Mile Beach glows almost white between Larry Point to the west and Roebuck Bay to the east (a lone small fire is marked in red just south of the bay). Near image center, east of Eighty Mile Beach is the north-pointing peninsula of Dampier Land, which helps protect King Sound. The waters of the sound are filled with river sediments, turning the waters from blue and turquoise to a rich tan color. The King Leopold and Geikie ranges are covered in shades of late summer greens and browns, while farther south the Great Sandy Desert practically glows red and orange under clear skies. This is a true-color Terra MODIS image from February 28, 2005.

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