Two Mini-RF S-band zoom radar image strips
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Two Mini-RF S-band zoom radar image strips

November 28, 2012
Two Mini-RF S-band zoom synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image strips that cover part of Mare Serenitatis (top right), the Apennine Mountains (top left), and Mare Vaporum (bottom left). The SAR strip on the left covers about 12 by 570 km (7 by 356 miles) and follows 4.5° E longitude. The enlarged crater (inset) on this strip is the young, fresh crater Aratus (10 km (6 mi) diameter; 23.6° N, 4.5° E). The SAR strip on the right covers 12 by 560 km (7 by 350 miles) and follows 9° E longitude. The unnamed fresh crater in the top inset is about 3 km (2 mi) in diameter and is located at 22.9° N, 8.7° E. Just south of this crater is a dark mantling pyroclastic deposit that cover the highlands surrounding Mare Serenitatis; these deposits are evident in the radar coverage by very low radar albedo. The lower inset shows the internally modified crater Manilius (38 km (24 mi) diameter; 14.5° N, 9.1° E). Base is Clementine UVVIS global mosaic.

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