EVA 2 Station 7  Collecting the Genesis Rock
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EVA 2: Station 7 – Collecting the Genesis Rock

November 29, 2012
Station 7 was at Spur crater, a 90 m diameter impact crater on the slope of the massif to the south known as Mount Hadley Delta. The crew parked along the northeast part of the crater rim (on the downslope side) where they could sample the ejecta blanket. This station is famous for the collection of the Genesis Rock, a 4 billion year old sample of anorthosite representative of the original lunar crust. Their excitement of the discovery is evident in the transmission. 145:42:41 Irwin: Oh, man! 145:42:41 Scott: Oh, boy! 145:42:42 Irwin: I got... 145:42:42 Scott: Look at that. 145:42:44 Irwin: Look at the glint! 145:42:45 Scott: Aaah. 145:42:46 Irwin: Almost see twinning in there! 145:42:47 Scott: Guess what we just found. (Jim laughs with pleasure) Guess what we just found! I think we found what we came for. 145:42:53 Irwin: Crystalline rock, huh? 145:42:55 Scott: Yes, sir. You better believe it. The Genesis Rock was collected along the rim of Spur crater at Station 7. The arrow points to disturbed regolith along the rim. Rover tracks are visible south of the boulder at Station 6A. Portion of LROC NAC frame M111571816LE. Image width is 520 m, north is up. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

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