Mare Frigoris Constellation Region of Interest
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Mare Frigoris Constellation Region of Interest

November 30, 2012
Samples from small, relatively fresh craters like this one may someday help us learn more about Mare Frigoris and its place in lunar geologic history. Mare Frigoris is located on the lunar nearside, to the north of the Imbrium and Serenitatis basins. Instead of being low in reflectance like typical mare basalts, its reflectance is intermediate between the mare to the south and highlands terrain to the north. This is likely due to a lower iron and titanium content than any of the sampled mare basalts, making it an intriguing end-member in the spectrum of lunar mare volcanism. The floor of a l.2-km diameter crater in the Mare Frigoris Constellation region of interest. Samples of this material could help us understand the complex geologic history of this region of the Moon. NAC image M126752534RE; scene width is 510 m. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University

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