Splendors of Mare Smythii - Fresh Impact Craters
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Splendors of Mare Smythii - Fresh Impact Craters

November 30, 2012
Mare Smythii, located on the eastern limb of the Moon, contains relatively young (1-2 billion years old) basaltic lavas. The western portion of the region encompasses the crater Schubert C, the floor of which is fractured, possibly due to intrusions of lava beneath its surface. Mare Smythii contains many beautiful features, several of which are highlighted in high-sun images such as the one above. Under high-sun, craters can take on an unusual appearance (left, M126371530LE). Under more typical illumination conditions, slumps of material and large boulders are revealed as the source of the high and low reflectance patterns (right, M113392375LE) Credit: NASA/Goddard/ASU

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