Mare Moscoviense
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Mare Moscoviense

November 30, 2012
06.15.2010 - Mare Moscoviense is one of the few large maria located on the far side of the Moon. LOLA data reveal the lowest point inside Titov crater to be about 2.7 km below the lunar datum. In contrast, the highest point on the rim of the basin rests about 3 km above lunar datum. According to the LOLA data, the total relief for the basin surrounding Mare Moscoviense is 5.7km. Although there are just as many impact basins on the lunar far side as the near, the extensive lunar volcanism seen on the near side is lacking on the far side of the Moon. Mare Moscoviense is an example of one of the few maria found on the lunar far side. Image credit: NASA/Goddard

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