Wrinkle ridge in Oceanus Procellarum
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Wrinkle ridge in Oceanus Procellarum

November 30, 2012
The sinuous wrinkle ridge above is a small part of a larger wrinkle ridge, which in turn is part of a larger wrinkle ridge network located in southwestern Oceanus Procellarum. Wrinkle ridges are tectonic features resulting from compressive stresses and are of particular interest to scientists. The wrinkle ridge featured today has a well-defined broad rise (or ridge) and with numerous superposed wrinkles. In addition, boulders litter the crest of the ridge in some places, and most likely they eroded out of the fractured and faulted basalt forming the wrinkle ridge. However, when looking at the full LROC NAC image, there are only a few places along the wrinkle ridge where boulders are observed. No one really seems to know why boulders are present on some ridges but not others - a question lunar scientists are attempting to answer using LROC NAC data! Exposed boulders are clustered on the crest of a sharply defined wrinkle ridge, much like sprinkles on an ice cream cone. Image width is 680 m and illumination is from the lower left in LROC NAC M117881169R [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

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