Linn Crater
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Linné Crater

November 30, 2012
As you explore the full resolution NAC mosaic look for boulders outside the crater -- they are few and far between. Perhaps the local basalts were deposited as very thin layers, so there are no thick solid materials from which to produce boulders? We can see layering in the crater walls, so this hypothesis is certainly plausible. Examine the ejecta field: what causes the dune-like structures? Did the impact ejecta travel low across the surface? Did pre-existing obstacles somehow aid in "dune" formation? At a future opportunity the LROC team plans on acquiring a stereo observation of this fascinating crater to allow detailed topographic analysis of these landforms so scientists can get to the root of these questions. Reduced resolution (3 meter pixel scale) mosaic of Linne crater. White box shows location of full resolution opening image [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

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