Brisbane Zs Australean Wrinkle Ridge
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Brisbane Z's Australean Wrinkle Ridge

December 6, 2012
This wrinkle ridge is located within the crater Brisbane Z, at 52.72°S, 73.13°E. Brisbane Z is a mare-flooded crater within Mare Australe. Wrinkle ridges are one of several styles of tectonic deformation present on the Moon, and occur primarily in the maria. Wrinkle ridges are the result of contractional forces, and in the maria, these forces are believed to be from the weight of the basalts extruded onto the surface. The same reasoning explains why wrinkle ridges are sometimes found in mare-flooded craters, where similar contractional forces are present at a smaller scale. LROC WAC monochrome context mosaic of the wrinkle ridge within Brisbane Z. Today's featured image is within the marked box. Image width is 100 km [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

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