Farside Highlands Volcanism
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Farside Highlands Volcanism

December 7, 2012
Are you having trouble seeing the feature as a dome, that is, with positive relief? Consider the above subsampled NAC image that shows a wider view and includes a small crater just east of the dome. The sun is from the left. Sometimes your brain can be fooled - you see what is up as what is down. If you know the Sun direction you can "force" the ups to become downs, and vice versa. And what about the little crater at the top of the dome? Is it a volcanic vent or an impact crater? If you said “impact crater” – you are right! The top of the dome is actually about 100 m south of the small crater. The crater just happens to be near the top of the dome. Subsampled NAC image showing a wider view of dome and surroundings [NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University].

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