NASA Administrator Announces Crew Cargo Milestones
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NASA Administrator Announces Crew, Cargo Milestones

December 18, 2012
NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Thursday announced new milestones in the nation's commercial space initiatives from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station near the agency's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Bolden announced Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has completed its Space Act Agreement with NASA for Commercial Orbital Transportation Services. SpaceX is scheduled to launch the first of its 12 contracted cargo flights to the space station from Cape Canaveral this October, under NASA's Commercial Resupply Services Program. Bolden also announced NASA partner Sierra Nevada Corp. has conducted its first milestone under the agency's recently announced Commercial Crew Integrated Capability initiative. The milestone, a program implementation plan review, marks an important first step in Sierra Nevada's efforts to develop a crew transportation system with its Dream Chaser spacecraft. Through NASA's commercial space initiatives and programs, the agency is providing investments to stimulate the American commercial space industry.

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