NGC 247
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NGC 247

April 18, 2005
This image of the dwarf spiral galaxy NGC 247 was taken by GALEX on October 13th 2003 in a single orbit exposure of 1640 seconds. It is a combination of GALEX images taken with the FUV (colored blue) and NUV detectors (colored red).

The region that looks like a "hole" in the upper part of the galaxy is a location with a deficit of gas and therefore a lower star formation rate and ultraviolet brightness.

The string of background galaxies to the North-East (upper left) of NGC 247 are 355 million light years from our Milky Way galaxy whereas NGC 247 is a mere 9 million light years away. The faint blue light that can be seen in the GALEX image of the upper two of these background galaxies may indicate that they are in the process of merging together.

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