The X-ray monitor JEM-X
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The X-ray monitor, JEM-X

January 5, 2013
The Joint European X-Ray Monitor, JEM-X, plays a crucial role in the detection and identification of the gamma-ray sources. JEM-X is a pair of telescope that will make observations simultaneously with the main gamma-ray instruments and will provide images in the 3 to 35 keV energy range with an angular resolution comparable to that of IBIS. Like IBIS and SPI, it uses the coded-mask technique. Two coded masks are located 3.2 metres above the detection plane. The detector, a so-called Imaging Micro-Strip Gas Counter, consists of two identical gas chambers filled with a mixture of xenon and methane at a pressure of 1.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure at sea level. The principal investigating institution is DSRI, Denmark. Copyright: ESA 2002

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