IBISISGRI image of sky around HESS J1616-508
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IBIS/ISGRI image of sky around HESS J1616-508

January 7, 2013
IBIS/ISGRI image of the region surrounding HESS J1616-508 in the energy band 18-60 keV. The green circle represents the size of the object's TeV emission from the HESS survey. The pulsar PSR J1617-5055 is labelled as A and is located within the IBIS/ISGRI positional error box (yellow circle) of the nearby detected soft gamma ray source. The two supernova remnants RCW 103 and Kes 32 are also indicated with the red and white circles respectively. At the centre of RCW 103 is the compact and highly variable X-ray source 1E 161347-5055.1, labelled as B. Coordinates are in Right Ascension and declination. Date: 09 Aug 2007 Satellite: INTEGRAL Depicts: Soft gamma-ray image of the HESS J1616-508 sky region Copyright: Landi, R. et al. [2007]

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