INTEGRAL detection of SGR 05014516
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INTEGRAL detection of SGR 0501+4516

January 8, 2013
SGR 0501+4516, the first new Soft Gamma Repeater in 10 years, triggered a burst alert from NASA's Swift spacecraft on 22 August 2008. A subsequent Target-of-Opportunity observation with XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL was performed. The INTEGRAL data show that a higher energy component was present early on (1-2 days after the start of the outburst), but quickly fell below threshold, the first such observation for a magnetar. Date: 16 Jun 2009 Satellite: INTEGRAL Depicts: Transient high energy X-ray emission from SGR0501_4516 as observed by INTEGRAL. Copyright: ESA/INTEGRAL/IBIS-SIGRI (Rea et al. 2009)

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