Total Eclipse of  NN Serpentis
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Total Eclipse of NN Serpentis

April 22, 2005
18.5-min "drift" exposure with VLT ANTU and FORS1 of the sky field around the variable stellar system NN Ser (indicated with an arrow). The telescope moved 1 pixel (0.20 arcsec) every 3 seconds so that the images of the stars in the field are trailed from left to right. After some minutes, the very deep eclipse of NN Ser begins when the brightness drops dramatically during the first partial phase. The star is clearly visible at a constant level all through the total phase at minimum light. It then brightens during the second partial phase and is back to the former level after approximately 10.5 min. The FORS1 instrument was rotated by about 70° to ensure that the trail of NN Ser would not overlap those of the neighbouring stellar images during this special exposure. The field shown measures 2.7 x 2.7 armin2 and may be compared with that shown in Photo 30a/99; it has the same orientation.

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