Voyager and Cassini Locations
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Voyager and Cassini Locations

January 10, 2013
Artist’s concept of the heliosphere, showing the relationship between the Voyager spacecraft (outside the Termination Shock, faint blue shell) and the Cassini spacecraft at Saturn. The blow-up of the Saturn system shows the Cassini spacecraft, which carries the Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument (MIMI) Ion and Neutral Camera (INCA). INCA produced heliospheric images in energetic neutral atom emission from Saturn at 10 astronomical units (AU) from the sun, still deep inside the heliosphere. The Earth is at 1 AU, and the Voyagers are now beyond 100 AU. Together, the Voyagers measure the energetic particles at two discrete locations in this vast system, while Cassini/INCA provides global images of the system (from the inside). Credit: NASA and JHU/APL

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