Helical Bacteria Swim in Visco-elastic Fluid
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Helical Bacteria Swim in Visco-elastic Fluid

January 11, 2013
A type of bacteria called helical bacteria swim in dense, sticky fluids like mucus (visco-elastic fluid). To learn more about this National Science Foundation-supported research by engineers at Brown University, see the story "Force-free swimming of a model helical flagellum in viscoelastic fluids" in the online. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [Research supported by NSF grants CBET 08-54108, "Collaborative Research: Fundamental Principles of Swimming in Viscoelastic Media," and CTS 08-28239, "Collaborative Research: Biologically Inspired Robotic Microswimmers."] (Date of Image: November 2011) Credit: Bin Liu, Thomas Powers and Kenneth Breuer, Brown University

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