Arkansas EPSCoR P3 Center
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Arkansas EPSCoR P3 Center

January 11, 2013
Graduate students Lou Hirsch and Wayra Navia-Giné measure chlorophyll levels in soybean plants at the University of Arkansas (UAF) in Fayetteville. UAF, along with Arkansas State University, the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, works in collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported EPSCOR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) Center for Plant-powered Production (P3), which encourages and supports cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional research among scientists. P3 researchers focus on plant-based bioproduction to produce proteins and chemicals for use in agriculture, biofuels, food sciences and medical sciences as well as host a number of seminars and workshops in order to bring researchers together to discuss their research interests and approaches. The EPSCoR P3 Center also supports the goals of the Arkansas ASSET (Advancing and Supporting Science, Engineering and Technology) Initiative, supported by NSF, which builds two statewide infrastructure platforms: the Wireless Nanosensors Center and the Plant-Powered Production Center. Further information about the EPSCoR P3 Center is available Here. Further information about the ASSET Initiative is available Here. [Research supported by NSF grant EPS 07-01890.] (Date of Image: January 2010) Credit: Ken Korth, University of Arkansas

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