Tropical Convection
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Tropical Convection

January 11, 2013
Tropical convection. Sea-surface temperature in the western equatorial Pacific is the highest of the world's oceans and variability of ocean and atmosphere in this region is associated with EI Niño. Because of this high sea-surface temperature, active convection in the atmosphere generates tall clouds, which cause squalls. This photo, which was taken from the research vessel MIRAI in July 2008 at 5 degrees north, 147 degrees east, shows the tall clouds with a squall. To learn more about research dealing with ocean circulation and global warming, see the International Pacific Research Center press release Tropical Indo-­Pacific Climate Shifts to a More El Niño-­like State. (Date of Image: July 2008) Credit: Yuji Kashino, RIGC/JAMSTEC

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