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Project Budburst Participants

January 12, 2013
Two students record observations for Project Budburst, a citizen science project that includes a network of people across the United States who monitor plants as the seasons change. The project engages the public in the collection and careful observation of important ecological data based on the timing of leafing, flowering and fruiting of plants (plant phenophases). The data, which is collected in a consistent manner across the country, is used by scientists to learn more about the responsiveness of individual plant species to changes in climate locally, regionally and nationally. Project BudBurst began in 2007 in response to requests from the public who wanted to make a meaningful contribution toward understanding changes in our environment. Project Budburst is co-managed by the National Ecological Observatory Network, which is funded solely by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Chicago Botanic Garden. To learn more about NSF's support of citizen science projects see the NSF Discovery story Novel Answer to That Perennial "Earth Day" Question: "What Can I Do to Help?" To learn more about Project Budburst visit the project's website Here. (Project Budburst is supported by NSF grants EF 10-29808, EF 1138160 and EF 075201.) (Date of Image: May 2011) Credit: Dennis Ward, Project Budburst, National Ecological Observatory Network

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