Electromagnetic Mapping Tool SkyTEM
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Electromagnetic Mapping Tool SkyTEM

January 12, 2013
SkyTEM, an electromagnetic mapping tool originally developed to find groundwater in Denmark. The instrument is being used for research applications in Antarctica, from mapping the geology of a unique valley system and determining the ecological relationships with the subsurface structures to finding geothermal connections between the marine system and an active volcano. The "TEM" in SkyTEM stands for "transient electromagnetic method," which refers to a method of creating a magnetic field using a 24 by 16-meter transmitter loop. A current running around the frame creates the magnetic field, which penetrates into the ground. The instrument is carried above ground by helicopter and the signal received indicates what materials the ground is comprised of. To learn more about some of the research SkyTEM is being used for see the Antarctic Sun article Scratching beneath the surface Scientists test electromagnetic method to learn more about underground processes. (Date of Image: November 2011) Credit: Peter Rejcek, National Science Foundation

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