Wide-Field View of Eagle Nebula Messier 16
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Wide-Field View of Eagle Nebula (Messier 16)

April 26, 2005
This photo is a three-colour composite mosaic image of the Eagle Nebula (Messier 16) , based on 144 individual images obtained with the infrared multi-mode instrument ISAAC on the ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) at the Paranal Observatory. At the centre, the so-called "Pillars of Creation" can be seen. This wide-field infrared image shows not only the central three pillars but also several others in the same star-forming region, as well as a huge number of stars in front of, in, or behind the Eagle Nebula. The cluster of bright blue stars to the upper right is NGC 6611 , home to the massive and hot stars that illuminate the pillars.

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