NGC 1365 Central Region in Infrared Light
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NGC 1365 Central Region in Infrared Light

April 28, 2005
As seen in this composite image, based on exposures in two infrared-wavebands with the ISAAC multi-mode instrument, the nucleus is also very bright in infrared light. Moreover, this infrared view penetrates further into the obscuring dust to reveal several intriguing, red objects. The reddest two to the N-NE coincide with very compact and intense radio sources which are probably supernova remnants. In others, we are seeing the radiation from dust heated by Super Star Clusters. Combination of 15-min Ks (2.16 µm) and L(3.8 µm) band images made with the Long Wavelength arm plus chopping at the telescope secondary mirror. The field is 17 x 16.5 arcsec2 with North at the top and East to the left.

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