XMM-Newton observation of XMMU J22353-2557
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XMM-Newton observation of XMMU J2235.3-2557

January 25, 2013
This image shows the XMM-Newton observation of the nearby galaxy NGC 7314 (bright object at center) from which the distant cluster XMMU J2235.3-2557 was serendipitously identified (white box). The inset covers a 2.8' x 2.8' region of the sky (see also "Galaxy Cluster XMMU J2235.3-2557") and shows the diffuse X-ray emission from XMMU J2235.3-2557, coming from a distance of 9000 million light-years. Note that the circular field-of-view of XMM-Newton has the same angular size as the full Moon. Copyright: ESA/ESO

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