Field in DwarfGalaxy NGC 6822
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Field in DwarfGalaxy NGC 6822

April 28, 2005
This photo shows a colour composite of three exposures of a field in the dwarf galaxy NGC 6822 , a member of the Local Group of Galaxies at a distance of about 2 million light-years. They were obtained by YEPUN and the VLT Test Camera at about 23:00 hrs local time on September 3 (03:00 UT on September 4), 2000. The image is based on exposures through three optical filtres: B(lue) (10 min exposure; here rendered as blue), V(isual) (5 min; green) and R(ed) (5 min; red); the seeing was 0.9 - 1.0 arcsec. Individual stars of many different colours (temperatures) are seen. The field measures about 1.5 x 1.5 arcmin2.

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