Quasar in MS 1008 Field
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Quasar in MS 1008 Field

April 28, 2005
Multi-colour image of the field in the galaxy cluster MS 1008, with a 24.5-mag lensed quasar (arrow) observed at redshift z = 4.0 during the present study. This image was obtained by the VLT/ANTU telescope during its Science Verification phase. The photo is based on a composite of four images with exposure times and seeing conditions of 82 min and 0.72 arcsec (B band), 90 min and 0.65 arcsec (V band), 90 min and 0.64 arcsec (R band) and 67 min and 0.55 arcsec (I band), respectively. The field is 1.8 x 1.6 arcmin2; North is up and East is left.

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