Lyman-alpha Emission Objects Near 1138-262
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Lyman-alpha Emission Objects Near 1138-262

April 28, 2005
Three small fields near radio galaxy 1138-262 as observed with VLT ANTU + FORS1 in a narrow-band filter at the redshifted wavelength of Lyman-alpha emission in that galaxy (left) and a broader filter in the surrounding spectral region (right), respectively. Three excellent candidates of Lyman-alpha emitters are seen at the centres of the fields. They are clearly visible in the narrow-band image (that mostly shows the gas), but are not detected in the broad-band image (that mostly shows the stars). Each field measures 24 x 24 arcsec2, corresponding to about 620,000 x 620,000 light-years (190 x 190 kpc); North is up and East is left.

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