Cumulative Peak Ground Velocities
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Cumulative Peak Ground Velocities

February 13, 2013
Cumulative peak ground velocities for a southeast-to-northwest rupture Mw8.0 scenario on the San Andreas Fault. The simulation computed 350s of wave propagation in a 800kilometers by 400 kilometers by 100 kilometers subset, dividing the region into 32 billion cubes 100 meters on a side, and up to a maximum frequency of 1 Hertz. The simulation used 96,000 cores on NICS Kraken supercomputer and took 2.6 hours to compute. The proposed Blue Waters simulation of this kind is 256 times larger in terms of computational requirement. [Research supported by NSF grants EAR 06-23704, EAR 07-44493, SCI 05-03697, OCI 05-03944 and OCI 09-32251.] (Date of Image: December 2009) Credit: Simulation team: Yifeng Cui, San Diego Supercomputer Center; Kim Olsen, San Diego State University; image by Amit Chourasia, San Diego Supercomputer Center

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