Hubble Deep Field - South
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Hubble Deep Field - South

May 16, 2005
This photo is a colour composite of the HDF-S NICMOS sky field that combines exposures obtained in different wavebands: ultraviolet (U) + blue (B), red (R) and near-infrared (I). For all of them, the image quality is better than 0.9 arcsec. Most of the objects seen in the field are distant galaxies. The image is reproduced in such a way that it shows the faintest features scaled, while rendering the image of the star below the large spiral galaxy approximately white. The spiral galaxy is displayed in such a way that the internal structure is visible.

A provisional analysis has shown that limiting magnitudes that were predicted for the HDF-S observations (27.0 - 28.5, depending on the band), were in fact reached.

Technical information: This photo is based on 16 U-frames (~370 nm; total exposure time 17800 seconds; mean seeing 0.71 arcsec) and 15 B-frames (~430 nm; 10200 seconds; 0.71 arcsec) were added and combined with 8 R frames (~600 nm; 7200 seconds; 0.49 arcsec) and 12 I-frames (~800 nm; 10150 seconds; 0.59 arcsec) to make this colour composite. Individual frames were flat-fielded and cleaned for cosmics before combination. The field shown measures 1.0 x 1.0 arcmin. North is up; East is to the left.

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