Amenthes Planum topography
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Amenthes Planum topography

February 26, 2013
This colour-coded overhead view is based on an ESA Mars Express High-Resolution Stereo Camera digital terrain model of the region southeast of Amenthes Planum and north of Hesperia Planum, from which the topography of the landscape can be derived. Centred at around 3°S and 109°E, the image has a ground resolution of about 22 m per pixel. The image was taken during revolution 11497 on 13 January 2013. The colour coding emphasises the superposed craters on the large 100 km-wide crater to the left (south) of the image. Also more clearly seen are the various mesa and buttes within the larger 100 km crater. At the bottom of the image is a small river valley that feeds into Palos crater, which may once have hosted a lake. ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

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