Chlamydomonas 80496
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Chlamydomonas #80496

March 5, 2013
Transmission electron microscope image, showing an example of green algae (Chlorophyta). Chlamydomanas reinhardtii is a unicellular flagellate used as a model system in molecular genetics work and flagellar motility studies. This higher magnification image of "Chlamydomanas#80495" is a longitudinal section through the flagellar apparatus. In the cell apex are the basal body regions that are the anchoring sites for the flagella. This image shows that the two flagella form a V and they are connected at their bases by a transversely striated fibre. This connection is thought to play a part in the coordination of flagellar movement. JEOL 100CX TEM Credit: Elizabeth Smith, Louisa Howard, Erin Dymek

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