RootNodule80934 26kX
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RootNodule#80934 26kX

March 21, 2013
Transmission electron microscope image of a cross section though a soybean(Glycine max.Essex) root nodule. The bacteria, Bradyrhyzobium japonicum, infects the roots and establishes a nitrogen fixing symbiosis. This is a higher magnification image of RootNodule#80933 13kX. Image shows two single bacteriods within their symbiosomes. In this image, you can also see nuclear pores and endoplasmic reticulum . For more information, see the articles:"Bacterium release into host cells of nitrogen-fixing soybean nodules", Roth, E. and G. Stacey, E.J.C.B. Vol. 49 pp.13-23 1989. and "Phenotypic charaterization of the nolA gene of Bradyrhyzobium japonicum", Garcia, M. etal, MPMI Vol.9 #7 pp.625-635 1996. JEOL TEM 100CX Botanical, TEM, root nodule, bacteria, Rhizobia, endoplasmic reticulum, nuclear pores Credit: Louisa Howard

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