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March 21, 2013
Transmission electron microscope image of a cross section though a soybean(Glycine max.Essex) root nodule. The bacteria, Bradyrhyzobium japonicum, infects the roots and establishes a nitrogen fixing symbiosis. Image shows several infection threads. In this image, you can also see endoplasmic reticulum, dictysomes, plasmodesmata, and cell wall. Note the dividing cell. For more information, see the articles:"Bacterium release into host cells of nitrogen-fixing soybean nodules", Roth, E. and G. Stacey, E.J.C.B. Vol. 49 pp.13-23 1989. and "Phenotypic charaterization of the nolA gene of Bradyrhyzobium japonicum", Garcia, M. etal, MPMI Vol.9 #7 pp.625-635 1996. JEOL TEM 100CX Botanical, TEM, root nodule, bacteria, Rhizobia, endoplasmic reticulum, dictysomes, plasmodesmata Credit: Louisa Howard

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