The Long March
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"The Long March"

April 8, 2013
This painting, titled "The Long March," depicts a herd of sauropod dinosaurs, Seismosaurus (Diplodocus) hallorum, migrating to new feeding areas during the seasonally dry environment of western North America's late Jurassic Period. A huge skeleton of Seismosaurus (40 percent complete) was found in the Brushy Basin Member of New Mexico's Morrison Formation by paleontologists David Gillette and Wilson Bechtel. Associated with the skeleton were gastroliths, or "stomach stones," that may have aided digestion. Credit: "The Long March" (Seismosaurus) ©1994 Mark Hallett. All Rights Reserved. [Artist's permission is required to reproduce art images. Please contact MARK HALLETT PALEOART via email at marksabercat@q.com; or by telephone, (503) 831-1164.]

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