uper Typhoon Ma-On 26W South of Japan
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uper Typhoon Ma-On (26W), South of Japan

April 10, 2013
With sustained winds of 160 miles per hour (257 kph) and gusts of up to 185 mph (298 kph), Super Typhoon Ma-On was situated due south of Japan on October 8, 2004. The eye of the storm was located about 621 miles (1,000 km) southwest of Tokyo and was moving north-northeastward at about 25 mph (40 kph). As the waters south of Japan are currently warmer than average, Ma-On may not weaken much as it approaches Japan, making it an extremely dangerous storm. On October 9, the storm battered Tokyo, killing two, before returning to the Pacific Ocean. The true-color image above was acquired on October 8, 2004, by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite. Credit: Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC

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