Visualization of Hurricane Ike Developing in Gulf
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Visualization of Hurricane Ike Developing in Gulf

April 29, 2013
This visualization of Hurricane Ike shows the storm developing in the Gulf of Mexico and making landfall on the Texas coast. Throughout the 2008 hurricane season, the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) was an active participant in a Natoinal Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research effort to develop next-generation hurricane models. Teams of scientists relied on TACC's Ranger supercomputer to test high-resolution ensemble hurricane models and to track evacuation routes from data streams on the ground, and from space. Using up to 40,000 processing cores at once, researchers simulated both global and regional weather models and received on-demand access to some of the most powerful hardware in the world, enabling real-time, high-resolution ensemble simulations of the storm. TACC is supported by the National Science Foundation, The University of Texas at Austin, UT System, and grants from other federal agencies. As a leading resource provider in the NSF XSEDE (Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment) project, TACC is one of 11 centers across the country providing leadership-class computing resources to the national research community. To learn more, visit the TACC website Here. (Date of Image: 2008-09) Credit: Gregory P. Johnson, Romy Schneider, John Cazes, Karl Schulz, Bill Barth, The University of Texas at Austin; Frank Marks, NOAA; Fuqing Zheng, University of Pennsylvania; Yonghui Weng, Texas A&M

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