HiRISE Terby Crater Hellas Basin
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HiRISE Terby Crater Hellas Basin

May 2, 2013
NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Sedimentary Bedrock Diversity in Terby Crater ESP_031212_1525 Science Theme: Sedimentary/Layering Processes Terby Crater, sitting on the northern rim of Hellas Basin, has been filled by sedimentary deposits, perhaps deposited by or in water. The northeast portion of these layers have been eroded by the wind, exposing the layers. The enhanced-color subimage is a sample of these materials, in which the different colors and textures represent different rock types. Be sure to take a look at the stereo anaglyph for a 3D view of the landscape. Written by: Alfred McEwen (1 May 2013) This is a stereo pair with ESP_031278_1525.

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