New Station Hardware
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New Station Hardware

August 3, 2005
Crew members from the Return to Flight mission, STS-114, check out a new piece of International Space Station hardware at the Kennedy Space Center. The Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG), foreground, is used to help keep the station in its proper position in orbit. The crew will take this one up on the Shuttle Discovery and replace a CMG that failed in 2002.

From left: Mission Specialists Soichi Noguchi (with the Japanese Space Agency), Stephen Robinson and Andrew Thomas. Noguchi and Robinson will replace the CMG during one of the mission's three spacewalks. The crew was at KSC for the Crew Equipment Interface Test (CEIT), which gives them a hands-on look at the payloads they?ll be working with in orbit. The Return to Flight mission, slated for a May launch, will also carry the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Raffaello, filled with supplies for the Station.

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