Old Glory Restored at KSC
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Old Glory Restored at KSC

August 3, 2005
Old Glory is once again proudly "hanging" at the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Last year's hurricanes battered the 52-story building and the huge American flag painted on its side. Workers have now repaired the walls and repainted the flag which looms 209-feet long and 110-feet wide. Each star is more than six feet in diameter and each stripe is nine feet wide. The stripes are big enough to drive a tour bus on each of them.

Hurricane winds punched out about 30,000 square feet of panels on the building. Using scaffolds, employees of Sauer Inc., in Oak Hill, Fla., replaced temporary panels with permanent ones made of corrugated steel. Once that work was complete, they splashed on a fresh coat of red, white and blue paint. It's the first step in restoring the VAB to its original condition. That work should be completed by mid-July.

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