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Advanced Technological Education Centers (Image 1)

June 11, 2013
Hydroponic greenhouse management is one of the new technologies that agriculture students learn at the National Resource Center for Agriscience and Technology Education (AgrowKnowledge), a National Science Foundation (NSF) Advanced Technological Education (ATE) center. Located at the Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, AgrowKnowledge enhances the math, science and technology content in agriculture, food and natural resources programs with outstanding faculty development workshops and webinars, downloadable courses and other instructional materials in its resource clearinghouse, industry and education collaborations, a national student organization (www.nationalpas.org) partnership, and job and internship listings in seven career clusters. The center partners with the National Postsecondary Agricultural Student (PAS) Organization to help prepare students for careers in the increasingly technical field of agriculture; partners with the Industry Partner Council to identify employers needs, define skill requirements, and prepare students for careers in the evolving field of agriculture; and helps students connect with career opportunities in agriculture, food and natural resources through actual openings listed in the Career Clusters section of AgrowKnowledges website. Credit: Photo from ATE Centers Impact 2011 (www.atecenters.org)

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