Discoverys Payload Canister in Place
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Discovery's Payload Canister in Place

August 4, 2005
After dawn on Launch Pad 39B, the payload canister carrying payloads that will launch aboard Space Shuttle Discovery's Return to Flight mission STS-114 was lifted up to the Payload Changeout Room.

Discovery's payloads include the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Raffaello, the Lightweight Multi-Purpose Experiment Support Structure Carrier (LMC), and the External Stowage Platform-2 (ESP-2). Raffaello will deliver supplies to the International Space Station including food, clothing and research equipment. The LMC will carry a replacement Control Moment Gyroscope and a tile repair sample box. The ESP-2 is outfitted with replacement parts.

Discovery's launch window extends from July 13 through July 31.

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